Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nanny Nanny BOO BOO!! NSFY SWAP!!

Well - Not only did I do one, but I am in NSFY Swap too!

And my pal there too is quite the little spoiler as well!

I received her package too!

She sent me a beautiful note, on PRETTY paper, she has sent me recipes (I guess she knows I am quite an eater!!), lotion, a journal and my skein is Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy in a Beautiful shade of Burgandy Red. I have looked and decided that I am dgoing to do sopmething with beades with it to make a piece of jewelry... Keep your Eyes Open.... I will get a picture as soon as I get Hunters camera back!!

Thank you so much!!! I love it!!


Sorry it took so long to get a picture, but I have to use Hunt's camera and trying to track it down every once in a while is like trying to find that perfect pair of jeans that fit - DIFFICULT!!
Oh-- and then trying to find a good light shot ... had to take it in the bathroom!! Needless to say - my pal spoiled me Rotten!!!

Here is what I received:
Pattern from Girl from Auntie - Rouge Hooded Pullover
Sweet little notes
Note Cards
Straight needles
Columbia Minerva Wool for SOCKS!!(burnt rust color)
GGH in ORANGE and Choc. Brown (2 of My colors!!)
Handmade potholder - BEAUTIFUL!!
Necklace - wore it Monday!!
coin holder with bead work - (I need the pattern)
Beautiful Pen - will be used on a felted bag
Needles for a washcloth
Sugar and Cream to make a wash cloth
Very unique Sherbert colored slub yarn that I am going to use for a scarf


Everyone needs to get in on SP11 - it opens up on July 1!!!

BUSY BUSY BUSY... Let me explain

For those who know me, they know that March - ?? I live at the Little League. I am there 6 nights a week for games or volunteering time in concessions. So needless to say, at this time of the year, my knitting and free time are very limited. I am also the "Head in Charge of All Star T Shirts". Yes - I am that stupid mother who loves to dedicate even more time to 9-10 all star teams and assist their team moms in getting the all star certification paperwork complete and also working with a t- shirt printer every year for the official KLL All Star T shirt!! Needless to say, when it is all sad and done I will have had my hands on over 500+ KLL ALL Star Shirts that I have personally hand delivered!!

OH -- and did I forget to mention that in less than 2 weeks I will be out of work for 4-6 weeks and I am trying to get ahead. In my line of work, I can get a little ahead. So, I am getting to work at 6:30ish , working til 5:00ish then headed to the ball field. I am already done with July, August and Some September Renewals and starting on some of the big October ones. Then I get home at 9:30 from the field, do the little housework thing and try to cram a little more office stuff in as well.

Last week...
Monday -Put my precious Storm to sleep,
Tuesday - Game
Wednesday - Practice
Thursday - game, one of my best friends fiance' (officer with WSPD) was shot
Friday - Picked up Storms ashes, concessions
Saturday - game, concessions
Sunday - clean, laundry, groceries, yada, yada yada.....

Would I mention that during Baseball I would not have it any other way..... :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

SP10 Package

Dear SP10-
I have received my gift and it was a great suprise!! It was FANTASTIC! It was like my pal really knows me!!

It has been a rough couple of days with the passing of Storm, so please be patient,I will get a picture of it posted as soon as possible for everyone to see as my pal did a great job on picking for me!! Wait til you see some of the stuff-- everyone will be SOOOO JEALOUS!!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

Hugs and kisses!! XOXOXO

My Stormie Baby is in Heaven

As most of you know, my Stormie has been sick for some time. It was a very difficult decision, but we did not feel that he deserved to suffer any longer. Late yesterday afternoon, we felt it was best for Storm to go to Heaven where he would not feel any more pain and would not suffer any longer. Wayne , Hunter and I were all there with him as he went peacefully to sleep. He brought so much joy to all of our lives and we loved him very very much and he will truly be missed. I know he will be our angel watching over us.

We love you little blue eyed boy and will miss you very much....

Saturday, June 2, 2007

The 8th grade Semi-formal

Hunters dance was Last night!!The 8th grade Semi-formal! They were so cute. Hunter went with his best friend Stephanie! She is such a sweet girl. They had a great time!! They are growing up too fast! It did make me feel good when he was opening her car door and making sure she was in and shutting it. At least I know we have somewhat raised a gentleman. He would even take her by the hand and help her out of the car! I love my baby boo!!