Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years eve......

Boy - We miss Hunter!! No running him anywhere. No - Can you wash this before my date? No - Can I have some money ? Needless to say --- It is TOO QUIET!!!

So what does this wild and crazy couple do on New Years????????

We went furniture shopping and bought new furniture and then to Hooters for Buffalo Shrimp and Starbucks and home by 6:15---- YAHOO WHAT A NIGHT!!

(furniture will be here in 6 weeks - I will post pictures then. I even got a NEW KNITTING CHAIR!!!!)

I am glad 2007 is over....

As you all know - 2007 was a very rough year for me emotionally and physically.

Losing 2 of my precious babies and my surgery and the new babies numerous surgeries because the F'n vet is a pure lying A-hole and getting ready for a court battle with Hunter's dad has basically taken all santity from me.

I know everything happens for a reason and that each thing that comes up in our life is a test to see how we can handle it. Boy 2007 has really put me to the test!!

Losing 2 of my boys and a surgery with in 30 days was quite a test. It is still hard and I think of them numerous times a day and miss them and still cry. With that - we were also brought 2 new ones to love. They are both so sweet and we love them.

Through it all - Wayne was right there with me through the tears and the pain and sleepless nights. He is my strength and my soul mate and I love him with all my heart!!

I have to say - I am glad 2007 is over!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Finished, Started and Stashed

Enough said..

Here is the most recent Finished, Started and Stashed....

Xmas at the Sassy house

Yes - It was a quiet and wonderful day.

Here are some pictures and YES - I FINALLY GOT A CAMERA OF MY OWN!!

Christmas with my "GIRLIES"

This has been a great year....

I have met 2 women that I just adore that are my girlies! AND THEY KNIT!!!

We exchanged gifts for Christmas and had so much fun.

Thank you Dawn and Jeannie for everything!

Dawn gave me the Knitters Stash and Jeannie gave me Handknit Holidays!


I love the both of you!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Knitting in 2008!! I think it is almost time to plan..... A ROAD TRIP!!!!

Knit Picky Christmas Party

December 9th was Knit Picky's Christmas Party at Foothills Brewery

Yes - I know. I am very very late posting pics and everything.

Anyway - here they are.

FYI - That is me with the new "RED" doo!!

I won a doorprize too and the Lantern Moon Basket was from the Dirty Santa Game.

We had good times with good food, drinks and friends.