Sunday, February 15, 2009

The last 8 months wrap up..

This is my 100th blog. (FINALLY!!)

I know it has been a while and I am sorry for being so slack!

Here is a ADD/ADHD version of what all has been happening..

1. Kisa diagnosed with Hip displacia
2. June and July - Hunter started football practice for the highschool
3. Hunter stated Highschool
4. August - Hunter played Travel baseball on the weekends while starting highschool and playing JV football. Needless to say - for 12 weeks straight - practice Monday through Wednesday, JV football game Thursday, pack for trip Friday, Baseball Sat and Sunday. I know it sounds like a ton - but I would not change a thing as I enjoy watching him play so much!!
5. Buldging Disc - L5 while at a travel baseball game with 130 mile ride back. Went to pick up a flip flop...
6. Thanksgiving
7. Sister went to have "Eggs placed"!! Cant wait to be an aunt!!
8. Eye trouble - went to regular eye doc, Retina specialist and Feb 17th I go to the optical nerve specialist as I have over 60% of my perifial vision blocked. Needless to say - having trouble with seeing!!
9. Sister had 1st ultrasound and she is having Twins
10. December - rash broke out on face, thought it was an allergic reaction. Nope - External Lupus.
11. Company meging with Credit Union to be part of Insurance Division
12. Christmas and New Years
13. Merger complete but we are in process of getting everything done and up
14. Sister got ultrasound and she is having 1 girl and 1 boy! I am so EXCITED!!
15. Jan - Baseball practive for JV baseball started

So needless to say, I have been quite the busy bee and I am still knitting up a storm!! Go to my ravelry to see new pictures .... I cant put them here as there are gifts I am working on I do not want eyes to see!!

During the middle of all of this- I want to Thank Dawn and Pam for being such wonderful friends and letting me vent when needed or just getting away ! Love you both!!!

Take care--
Hugs and Kisses!!