Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Tale of the Pissed Off Puddies.......

Poor, Poor Puddie-tats!

Needless to say, they spent their first night away from home Monday night. No -- it was not a plush kitty resort soaking up rays and drinking milk out of bowls with little umbrellas. No...it was not that at all.

Both Loki and Sunny spent the "Dreaded" stay at the vet to be declawed and their "Pride" worked on!! We had both fixed. Yes, they are pissed at me!! They would not hardly even look at me to get their pictures made in their cute "lampshade" collars. They look so ashamed and pissed.

Apparently - the little devil came out in Loki while there as well and decided--"You have to hold me better than that to stick a thermometer up my rear!" He apparently "Latched" onto the assistants skin. I warned him that he is a little fiesty. Loki kept messing with his and made his paw bleed, so he is in a collar.

Sunny, of course, was sweet Sunny. Flop him around like a sack of taters or a wet noodle. Sunny kept jumping up on stuff, so he in in a collar too!

Kisa is mad and pouting cause she can't be with them. Her is a Poutyy Puss!!

Don't they look happy..... I will sleep with one eye open from now on.....

Coffee Swap 3 package from Gretchen.....

My swap partner was Gretchen from WI. She is THE BESTEST!!

Look at all my goodies!! I got the best smelling coffee from Indigo Coffee and tea. And some other fun flavors too! A beautiful bag, cookies (not in picture - I ate them all!!), Twizzlers, gum, choc., notecards, a wonderful smelling candle AND- YARN!!! 1 skein of Lang JaWoll and Blackberry Ridge (a local yarn near her house) in color: Sierra Madre that Miss Sophie helped pick out!!

The box was fantastic too with GREAT artwork!! I loved it!!

I cant wait to start knitting and sipping!

I really enjoyed this swap as it was fun to get to know Gretchen and what could be more fun to get new different yarn, coffee and meet new friends!!

Thank you SO VERY MUCH!!

My sweet friend Jeannie...

Jeannie is such a sweetheart and great friend!! Look what she sent to me....
The aqua matches my bathroom and the yellow has a sun! I LOVE THEM!!

Seeing them inspired me to make my FIRST dishcloth! Mine is denim color in a basketweave. They are fun to make and take no time!! YIPEE!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fancy Gap Mt, Mosaic, Needle on the Square, Downtown Roanoke and Hollywoods

Well - 3 knitters gone wild!!
Needless to say - It was quite the day!!
The Drive up to Blacksburg up Fancy Gap Mountain was so pretty. The leaves were just Changing.

Jeannie, Dawn and I headed out early for our day!! First Stop Mosaic Yarn in Blackburg Va. That is SUCH a CUTE SHOP!! The ladies were so sweet and they had some very pretty yarns and the COOLEST BAG EVER!! I got some Sublime in a beautiful Charcoal and Be Sweet in Chocolate Brown as I do not know anyone who carries it at any of my LYS. This is the shop that did the blankets for the families of the Va. Tech shootings. Their spirit was so wonderful and made us feel at home. They are even open on Sundays and invited us to come up any time to sit and knit!

Then down the Mountain to Roanoke to Needle on the Square where we bought even more... Wool and Mohair. Very nice shop and very nice and helpful staff.

Then on to downtown Roanoke to Center in the Square where I know Dawn fell in love with a pink bag that I am going to go back and get her. She had her eye on it!!

Then we wound down the day at Hollywoods to eat a bite and see my sister with fantastic food at Hollywoods. Flopsie was tired - so Tootie ate all the "Better Than Sex Cake".

We had so much fun and laughed and had a great time!! I can't wait til the next adventure!!


OH MY GOODNESS!! WHAT A SALE!!! 20-50% off of everything including needles and books!! Even bags!! I have NEVER seen a Sale like this before!!


Look what I got for less than $23......ALL 5 Skeins were 50% off!! You have to go!!! It is well worth the drive to High Point!!!

My new purchase

Here is a picture of my new bag! It is a ATENTI! I love it!! The picture does not do this justice!! It is suede and fur!!

What have I been up too???

I promise I still Knit - I have just been so very busy, but here is proof.....

2 hats - ready to felt and still need to do flowers
1 bag - got to finish beading flowers
1 poncho - can't really see how pretty it really is
2 ladder shawls
1 Parisian Tote
and a lonely sock that I will show after I get the mate done

Just a little behind......

I did receive my first SP box and I am just a little behind on the post. I did email her to thank her, but I did want to show you my goodies! Well - except for the Twizzlers and tea as they are gone already!! :)

My wonderful pal sent me Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion and bath gel from Bed Bath and Body!! YUMMY!!

AND BANANNA SILK - I LOVE THIS!!!! It is so PRETTY!!! And feels GREAT!! I want to get some more and do a scarf!!

AND Gypsy Girl Creations "Winter Solstice". It has my color - ORANGE!!

Thank you- Thank you- Thank you!!!